Eco-friendly carpets made of cotton

In recent years, more attention is paid to environmentally friendly products. We strive to surround yourself with natural materials, we build houses of brick or wood, buying wood furniture, and even carpets made from natural materials. Today you should pay special attention to Eco-friendly carpets. The expression of EKO appeared for a long time in the West, today it is a full line, therefore, the manufacturers of carpet products and creating eco-friendly carpets made of cotton.

Features of cottonRugs

Сarpet is a great choice connoisseur of natural materials. In appearance this rug will fit perfectly in any interior. This became possible because cotton is easy to color. It uses environmentally friendly paint, which also will not harm your health. Eco-friendly carpet eco-friendly on 100%, so they can buy at nurseries or allergies.

The advantages of carpet from cotton

  • Carpet of this type holds its shape well for many years. The cover will not sit down or stretch out, even if it is washed, the surface will never be pilling.
  • All models of cotton rugs completely hypoallergenic, so you can use them in any room even the bedroom or in the nursery. The surface of the carpet will not retain and collect in your pile of dust, and clean it quite easily.
  • Because cotton absorbs the paint, carpets made from this material are very beautiful

    . Any shade is bright and juicy, and the color will remain unchanged for a long time.
  • To the touch cotton is very gentle. A soft carpet under your feet, which will serve for years – the dream of many buyers. But don't use it in the hallway or in the kitchen, as he increased load is not recommended.
  • A carpet of cotton is lightweight. The light weight makes it easy to carry out cleaning of the premises. Also you don't have to worry about transporting the carpet in the car. They are ideal for those who loves frequent changes in the house.

If you wish to choose high-quality cotton carpet, you can buy in the online store - JumKids. Our store offers quality products at an affordable price. Don't forget that cotton "breathes", which means that it is ideal for residential design. Any rug made from cotton can be washed in manual or automatic mode. They dry pretty quickly, because cotton is a natural fiber.


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