Buy carpets wholesale from factory JumKids

The company JumKids engaged in the production of carpets from the highest quality Microfiber. All carpets manufactured by us are certified and are completely safe. Thanks to the unique technology of production, and the material of the latest generation of microfiber carpets JumKids have many advantages:

  • incredible softness
  • high wear resistance
  • easy to clean
  • are antiallergenic
  • not absorb odor
  • absorb the sound
  • non-slip grip
  • incredibly light

Thanks to the possibilities of the material, we can produce carpets with high pile 3 see and lint-free. We can manufacture carpet of any shape, color, size and texture. High-tech machinery that allows to quickly deal with large volumes of production. We provide not only high quality carpets, but also quality service. We guarantee:

  • fast logistics
  • flexible terms
  • advertising support
  • consistently high quality
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